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Vineman 70.3 Countdown- 7 weeks!??!!!

Last week training took a backseat to the wedding and family events in Maui.  Thankfully, I have no plans to travel between now and the race. Each weekend will be spent swimming, running, and building my mileage on the bike.  

Since January, I have been swimming with UCLA Masters.  This week, I am joining the local triathlon swim team, Tower 26. I swam with Coach Gerry years ago at UCLA Masters, where he was the head coach.  I had planned to join a couple of weeks ago but decided to wait until after Maui.  I hope that being amongst focused triathletes will calm my nerves and improve my swim.  

Training is about to get very intense (3-4 days a week swim, 3 days a week run, 3-4 days a week bike).  I have done a lot of this training over the last 6 months but my focus has been on the marathon, not the triathlon.  Time to cast out the nerves!  I have dreamt of Ironman for 20 years.  It is time to make this dream a reality.  First step, half Iron.  Follow along as I chronicle the next 7 weeks of my journey towards 70.3.

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