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Scenes from a 25 mi run. The first 14 mi were Birthday miles for Allison (today is her birthday!) with Allison and Abby. We included the horse course and it was light enough to take pics of a couple of the horses. I stopped for a juice at mile 8. Things were wonderful until mile 15. A cramp in my calf derailed my run. I had flashbacks to my calf injury last summer. I walked most of the last 10 miles home and still finished in a good time. I did not want to give up and did not want to risk injury. I will leave that for the 40 mi run. When I finished my hands were sooooooo swollen. Now the taper begins!!!! Just proud to have finished 25 despite it all.

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Thank you for your positive thoughts and prayers on Tuesday. I will not know the outcome of the meeting for a few weeks. Fingers crossed!

As for training, the last three days have been a wash. I HATE skipping workouts but sometimes it is what it is and I have to accept it. It is almost 8PM and I am headed out for a couple easy miles just to move my legs. Longer run tomorrow then 25 mi on Saturday before the taper to my big 40 mi run!!!!

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Tale of Two Runs

Yesterday afternoon I had the pleasure of meeting up with two former colleagues who flew in from the East Coast for the weekend. They came to LA to escape the endless winter and soak up some sun. We met up for 5 miles around UCLA. At the end of the run they mentioned we had to lie in the grass. I had no idea what they were talking about. Next think I know, we were sprawled out on the hill of grass in front of a sorority house at 5PM. I told them that this is not typical LA behavior. Lol They told me that Californians take the green grass for granted. Thank you to Jenna and Tracy for taking me out of my comfort zone. Never in a million years would I have thought to stop and lie down.

This morning I met Abby and Allison for 10 miles through the hills of Santa Monica. I had not planned to run hills but it was a good run and I enjoyed the company. The miles flew by! Thank you for the company Ladies!

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Scenes from 20 mid day miles - this view does not suck. El Segundo Beach, El Porto, Manhattan Beach Pier. Ran into one of my coworkers exiting the surf at El Porto. She saw a shark here last weekend. Now back home and around the marina.

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