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2012 Count the Blessings

As the sun sets on the year, let’s count the blessings of 2012. 


Sunset in my new hood, November 2012

- started a new job that I love. 

- moved into a new home at the beach.

- got my first passport! 

- completed my first 70.3.

- completed marathons 15 and 16.

- completed 3 half marathons

- Ran So Cal Ragnar with some awesome tumblrs

- started lifting weights/working out with a trainer!

- traveled to Hawaii twice, Seattle, Vancouver, Washington DC. Countless trips around California

- Ran 30 days in a row!  Run November!!!!

Sunset, Kona, HI April 2012

I am excited about what 2013 will bring!!!!  I wish all of you a very happy new year!  

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How to Bounce Back from a "Vortex"

"In life, you always have a choice
1. Be weak
2. Be strong” - Karen Salmansohn

I love this article. The “vortex” can be felt in different ways - not just during a tough time in life but during a tough time in a marathon, etc. We cannot control what happens to us but we can control our reaction. I chose to be strong!

Especially relevant today since I am still sick on the couch. 35 days to Vineman 70.3!!!!!!

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A taste of Big Sur

I just uploaded my pictures from the Big Sur Marathon (91 in all, 78 during the race).  A full recap will likely come tomorrow but in the meantime, here is a pic from the journey up Hurricane Point.  

Me with part of the assent of Hurricane Point in the background.  The wind practically blew my number off.  

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