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Curing the 70.3 Taper Crazies

Seven sleeps until I complete my first 70.3 at Vineman.  Boy do I have a serious case of the taper crazies.  Did I train enough?  Am I ready? Blah blah blah.  My brain feels like a taper broken record.  Today, I knew the only cure was a long slow run.  I ran 10 miles at an easy pace but in true taper style, it felt tough.  I had a long talk with myself over the course of 10 miles.  I know that Vineman is going to be fine. Enough already!  Let’s get this show on the road!!!!

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Nutrition Plan for my first 70.3

The race is so close I can feel it!  Over the last several weeks I have been playing around with different combinations of foods/drinks on my long rides.   I have read A LOT of blog posts, information, etc about what to eat, calories, etc.  I have it close to narrowed down for the race but still want to test on another combo on one of my last long rides this Saturday.  I reached out to my Ironman pal Reilly, who races for Hammer Nutrition, to see what he would recommend.  A while back, in between a double spin class, he had me try a concoction of Hammer Heed and Perpetuem.  I was not sure if I should go down that road again.  I am glad I asked him because he recommended that I take a bottle with perpetuem and a bottle with energy drink (nuun is my preference).  You can read his full answer here.  I weigh less than 150 but more than 120 (more like in the middle) but when I followed up with him, he reported back to still use three scoops.  I will try it out on the ride this weekend and report back.  

In addition to the two bottles, I plan to take a peanut butter sandwich (cut into pieces) and a couple of clif shots.  I have tried stinger waffles but I think I would rather have peanut butter.  My body likes/responds well to real food. 

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20 DAYS to Vineman 70.3???!!!???

Congrats to everyone that raced over the weekend!  My So Cal Ragnar Teammate Angie finished her first IM at Coeur d’Alene in 12:18! She completely killed it.  I cannot be more impressed!  Way to go Angie!!!!

There are only 20 days until Vineman 70.3.  Sand is passing through the hourglass at a rapid pace.  By completing the 44 mile Malibu to Pt. Mugu ride on Saturday morning, I am a PCH* newbie no more!  I must admit that the first downhill had my heart near my throat. My confidence was once again tested on Encinal Canyon.  It seemed unassuming but then you find yourself going up up up blind corners as cars and other cyclists speed by on decent.  By the end of the morning, I had a lot more confidence.  My run after the ride was a lot less dramatic.  I have had a hard time holding speed.  We shall see how it all comes together on July 15.  

This week is more of the same- another long ride on PCH, a long run, shorter runs, shorter rides, and some swim sessions. 

*PCH = Pacific Coast Highway 1 for those who do not live in So Cal

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Back At It

After another rest day yesterday (taken for good measure), I was back at it with my running group at 5:15AM this morning for an easy 6 miles.  It was a bit of a slog, with hills that felt tougher than they should have, but I got it done.  The weather was perfect, overcast and cool.  

Tonight, hour and a half swim session - long set free. 

33 days to Vineman 70.3!

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40 Mile Ride Thanks to Sudafed

Yesterday I decided that no matter how I felt this morning, I was going for my planned long ride.  I took at 24 hour Sudafed last night and crossed my fingers.  I did not sleep well (which is not unusual when I take Sudafed).  I woke up at 6AM, had some coffee and small cup of oatmeal with nuts and dried fruit and left to meet my riding pals.  We took it easy and for the most part, I felt great.  We rode south and ended up running into the Redondo Beach Triathlon.  The race slowed us a bit since we had to stop and walk our bikes along the run route (part of the bike path).  I enjoyed cheering for the athletes.  We continues on and wound our way up through the hills towards Palos Verdes then had to head back.  40 miles in 2:45.  Next week, more hills. 

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5 Weeks to 70.3!

Five weeks to 70.3 and I have been sick for the past three days.  I have not been in the water since my illness has taken the form of plugged ears and dizziness (combined with congestion and sore throat).  I took a couple of rest days in hopes of being able to hit it hard this weekend.  We shall see what my body allows me to do tomorrow.  

I was supposed to attend a dear friend’s birthday gathering tonight but instead I am sitting on the coach, typing on my laptop, thinking about getting some shut eye soon.  Tomorrow afternoon is our So Cal Ragnar Tumblr team reunion and BBQ.  I hope I am feeling better after a good nights sleep so that I can attend.

It is times like this where I am really thankful for my health. 

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Goal for June: Work Balance

This week was a tough one.  I worked until 10PM two out of four work days.  I love my job but this week I felt like I was on fast forward with no end in sight.  I had to miss a few workouts due to the long hours (no 4:30AM wake up call when you work until 10).  Unfortunately, with six weeks and change to 70.3, I have no time to waste.  The goal for June is to balance my crazy work schedule with training hours.  I have to say no to weeknight work.  Wish me luck!

This weekend: brick bonanza!!!

Good luck to everyone racing this weekend!!!!!

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8 weeks to 70.3 !!???!!!

The last 6 weeks have been a blur of work and travel (including Hawaii, Ragnar, and a marathon!).  Now, I have 8 weeks until my first half Ironman, Vineman 70.3.  I am starting to feel nervous!  Perhaps it is because I have not put the time in on the bike that I feel I should have???  I want to put myself through the paces of the race before the day actually arrives. It is time to set a plan and execute it.  There is no reason to be nervous.

The nerves could be stemming from something else all together - my sister is getting married this weekend!  We are headed back to paradise to watch her and her beloved exchange vows on a beach at sunset, surrounded by friends and family  Does it get better than that???  

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